Top Tech Trends In 2015


With the tech industry being a high speed evolving organism it seems impossible to imagine what the world that we live in will look like in five or ten years. The novelty is everywhere and every day there is something new added to the pool and every week there is a revolution. So how can we know what to expect? We can’t, really. There is no crystal ball here, but we can look at the developing technologies and make educated guesses about them.


IoT1Internet of things – yes, it is happening, and it is happening now. We are witnessing a start of something great, we hope. With the trend in these past years continuing, we can only presume that it will keep on going like that. We can see more and more devices being made with the internet support integrated in them. Smart watches are on the rise, more and more companies are developing their own and trying to start a big market. And you know it is big when Apple starts competing for a piece of the cake. Smart TV’s, smart houses, smart cars that drive themselves are only the tip of the iceberg as more and more devices are becoming programmable and accessible via internet.


techSmart phones – it seems obvious but it is there: smart phone is the modern man’s best friend. New studies show what we already know and witness every day: people are spending more and more time looking at their phones. Lifestyle and life habits are being built around a smart phone brand. Smart phones are becoming not only friends but also allies, as not all is fun and games – new features are turning phone into so much more than a communication device. Sure, the calculator and camera options are something that we’ve seen in a phone 10 years ago. But, today, phone can replace a remote control for just about anything, they can become your credit card and personal identification as well as a car key. NFC technology is now a technology standard and all new phones will be able to communicate with other devices which only secures the place your phone is having in your life.


samsung-huge-tv-04Entertainment – well, at the bottom line, we all like fun, and it seems that one of the best advantages of new technologies come in form of entertaining content. Light weight HD cameras made a new wave of video recording trend go up, as people now capture more of their life activities than ever before. And there is a place to watch it too, as screens and TV’s are getting bigger and better, with 1080p and 4K resolution standards. You want to share? Sure, upload it on the web in minutes and your friend can download it in seconds, because today internet connection seems to double every fey years. Want gadgets to record better footage? Have a drone , air craft designed for camera shooting ability only. With this trend going like this, who can say what is next?